“Each day we help youth become tomorrow’s leaders. University Pros is the guide to getting students into a university in the United States that will open their future.”

NYU Stern School of Business

Sean Waters, Student

NYU Stern School of Business - Class 2018

“If there is any one person who truly knows the ins and outs of the college process, it is Renato Paiva and University Pros. He is honest and to the point, encouraging but realistic, and exponentially resourceful. If you have a dream school in mind, he will do whatever he can to make that dream a reality. If you have no idea where you want to go, University Pros can put you in touch with hundreds of people from universities around the country to try to find the best fit for you. Working with Renato was not only a pleasure but also an honor. He does whatever he can to ensure your happiness and success at a school that I’m sure you will find is perfect for you!”

Wellesley College

Mollee Jain, Student

Wellesley College - Class of 2016

“I’m really grateful to University Pros for helping identifying the right college for me.  They were able to understand my wants and needs and recommend schools that would work for me.  As a rising junior at Wellesley, I am immensely thankful for Renato’s advice and all around encouragement in the college application process.”

Harvard University

Kamran Jamil, Student

Harvard University - Class of 2018

“If you’ve ever met Renato, you know how invested he is in his students (whether on or off the court). Renato genuinely cares about your success, and he sees to it that he is able to provide the types of resources you may need in order to pursue your personal best. In my case, University Pros was there to chart my college search path, helping me achieve my own goals by guiding me in my squash tournaments and by conversing with coaches in higher-education institutions. Their connections within the network of top-tier U.S. universities is as amazing as it is diverse.”

UCLA University

Mokhshan Ramachandran, Student

UCLA - Class of 2018

“I came to University Pros a very stressed High School Junior who had dreams of attending a very prestigious university. However, the first meeting with Renato completely changed my view on the college application experience. With extensive connections and the ability to motivate even the most confused student, University Pros is the ideal partner to consult any matter regarding college applications. Renato made my dreams his priorities and went to great extents to provide me with a very unique and advantageous perspective to my application. I will be forever grateful for his help.”

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